Eric Poitras, Kevin Kee, Suzanne Lajoie, and Dana Cataldo, “Towards Evaluating and Modeling the Impacts of Mobile-Based Augmented Reality Applications on Learning and Engagement” in Kalina Yacef et al., eds. International Artificial Intelligence and Education Proceedings (IOS Press: Amsterdam, 2013).

Mobile augmented reality applications are increasingly utilized as a medium for enhancing learning and engagement in history education. Although these digital devices facilitate learning through immersive and appealing experiences, their design should be driven by theories of learning and instruction. We provide an overview of an evidence-based approach to optimize the development of mobile augmented reality applications that teaches students about history. Our research aims to evaluate and model the impacts of design parameters towards learning and engagement. The research program is interdisciplinary in that we apply techniques derived from design-based experiments and educational data mining. We outline the methodological and analytical techniques as well as discuss the implications of the anticipated findings.

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