Article And Product Submissions

Article And Product Submissions


     Article Submission Guidelines

  •  Articles should be at least 300 words.
  •  All ages friendly.
  •  Clearly written.
  •  No Politics.
  •  EVERYONE is welcome to participate
  •  In one of our areas of concentration.  Hunting  Fishing  Foraging  Recipes
  •  Images should be jpeg.
  •  Email  Subject: Article Submission


Product Submission Guidelines

  •  We welcome products to be submitted for review.
  •  Must be site theme focused.  Cookery  Outdoor Sporting Gear  Ingredients
  •  We are happy to take SWAG.  We love it.  Our SWAG policy is to reward our awesome             readers at every opportunity provided with give away items, and as contest awards.
  •  We do not accept unsolicited products.  You must contact us for shipping information.
  •  Email us with your product information, and we can discuss if it is right for us, and you.
  •  Manufacturer SWAG from any of our advertisers should make sure it is clear in the subject line of your email.
  •  We NEVER sell products submitted.
  •  Our product reviews will be fair and honest.  We have no axe to grind with anyone.  If a             product is legitimately good, we’re going to say it.  If it’s not, we’ll back it up with photos,           constructive advice, and a promise to fairly review the next version.






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